Dark Kind – Greyscale Comic in Progress

Those serendipity moments when an idea prowls the brain…. Heavenly.
I stayed up late and a comic idea popped in my head.
Sketched some characters on my iPad. Feedback appreciated.

Dark Kinds | Cover Sketch“Dark Kind”

Original Comic By: Alicia Busick

Black & white & grey-scale comic set in the Arctic Ocean- Pisu has been the relocated lost soul of another enchanted ice world. His memory fails him to place himself in his memories where his proper home is. He lives with the other outcasts and special creatures that make up the outer rim (Dark Realm) where the light has lost it’s power to show color and the grey has overtaken the land. With the help of Wasi, Leone, Lokito and Incontu, Pisu will find and return to his homeland. They are, the Dark Kind.

The True Light land forbids the entry of Dark Kinds, they believe their actions caused them to be outcasts and no longer wish to see a world without color. The border is usually guarded by the mighty Ursus who ironically lack color but claim to have sacrificed it to retain honor for their ancestors.


Pisu– Main Character. Two faced penguin. Dark grey one side and light grey side, intermittent color patterns each side – Split personalities, not immediately apparent but evident upon close relationship

Wasi– Walrus- hair for crown, round shape back/shoulders. Dark grey with light grey when illuminated. Wise, strong, deep voice, intimidating, mysterious. Penguin is mostly not afraid.

Leone– Ringed Seal- dark with light patches, very angry but moments of compassion spew out at random times.

Lokito– Sea Otter- dark with light grey outlines. Trickster, never takes complications seriously. Has an unexpected heart however.

Cepholous– Octopus- white with dark patterns. Animals seek octopus as a guide. Helps when jammed in a tight spot.

Renocu (Ravens) travel back and forth between both worlds and typically act as informants for the Dark Kinds.

Ideas for design:
Fish & ocean creatures are usually light or white while birds are always dark (silhouettes)
The sea is near them, dark grey with light grey outlines. Waves typically Japanese style comic style.



Work in Process | Check Back For Update or Follow