Bonne Année & Bonne Santé | Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow humans! 2015 is set to bring a future of epic proportions in innovations, discovery and science. In all our learning may we also embrace a key part of our existence to our future, humanity. While billions of people have a ten mile list of personal goals and attributes to conquer and acquire, many more live with just the hope of mere survival. This massive tilt in quality of life may seem unfair or even fair to many, but in order for our planet to truly move forward together we must realize the degrees of separation from each other are not indefinite.

Studies show that we are all connected by a mere six degrees of separation, where you know someone who knows someone through others that eventually knows Dion Waiters. We all can make small choices everyday that will change the world. Even something as benign as recycling and reusing can reduce the impact of climate change, increase minimum wage and help third worlds.

It seems as though I’m preaching but the truth is a personal conviction led me to the realization that if just one person everyday increased their world conscious acts a day we could eliminate local, national and world problems entirely. We now live in a share/co-funding/community awaken era with more tools than ever to empower real impactful changes. Positive and being community minded has many personal benefits as well, not just an extroverted experience.

These are just a few ways to be more Humanly minded:

Recycle & Reuse – each year billions of tons of trash are hauled to the dump with millions of materials that are 100% recyclable. Some areas do not have a recycle facility but recycling can start at home. If your neighbor has a garden or local greenhouse you can save all your organics trash, egg shells or coffee grounds, etc for their composite. Local compost is gold to a gardener! Also, saving jars or plastic containers. Many schools use these for art projects for students or you can use them yourself for storage of knickknacks or dry goods. Benefit: reduced green house gases from trash decomposing, less waste and community good.

Compassion – I’m not saying give the shirt off your back but a little compassion towards your fellow human can go a long way. We all are various “makes & models” but we are connected. Showing kindness really can make a difference. Personal benefit: stronger connection and reciprocation to your community.

Smile – a smile and an authentic “Hello” can change a person’s entire day. I watch kids constantly smile and talk in public to one another while parents stare at their smart devices or sulk in their coffee. Put it down, look up and smile! Personal benefit: Strengthen social interactions and skills, strengthen connection to your community. Reduce degrees of separation.

Unplug – Just 2 minutes of nothing can clear your mind and aid in thoughtfulness and awareness. Awareness is key to realizing your connections and simple ways you can personally discover how to interact with your surroundings. Closing your eyes, breathing slowing and clearing your mind can be tricky but it’s like a well-needed ‘Defrag’ for your brain. Feel free to increase this time and frequency as needed. Personal benefit: clearer thinking, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

So here’s to the New Year I bid ye Good Year & Good Health!

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