Ready, Set, Adventure!

As massive exhaustion is about to render me unconscious, I am amazed at the human spirit and ability to press on. It has been throughout my lifetime that I have learned the true meaning of tired. I worked hard labor as a teenager and sports fishing boats up to my mid-twenties. Numerous days blurred into one another as I opted to work two, sometimes three jobs during the Alaskan tourist season. I deckhanded aboard my father’s boat, MV Eleu, and would work at the fish processor or hostess at the local restaurant, Chinooks. After having three little girls in less than 5 years spanning, I learned quickly what true exhaustion was. I had been groomed for parenthood. Deadliest Catch has nothing on a mom of an infant and a wiggly toddler. Those guys are pansies compared to the moms who endure dozens of colds with one or sometimes multiple rambunctious offspring. But how can the human body press on? Sheer drive and determination. If you REALLY want something, your body will make it happen!

I read once, “If it’s not important you will find an excuse, if it is, you will find a way!”Alicia and girls

Parenthood is a great boot camp for business. The care and dedication that it takes to sustain one tiny life is immense but the reward of stewardship is incredible. Much with parenthood, business ownership comes with stages of growth. In it’s infancy, you lay out your mission to guide and grow your earnings. My grandmother used to say “Kids are your investment and grandkids are your dividends.” I’m not quite at that stage with my children but I’m inclined to agree. Business is a lot of work but when you’re passionate and driven you can make beautiful creations grow.

With that I say keep on keepin’ on mighty tough folks and may all you journeys be prosperous!

~Alicia Busick