Arctic Comic Con Alaska April 27 & 28, 2018

Saturday, April 28th, 2018
Anchorage, Alaska

Hello World. Way too long since we last conversed via WordPress. I’m excited to write about this last weekend, however. Why, you may ask? Because Comic Con. From the first time I saw dozens of cosplayers prance upon my tele on KPBS public tv station in San Diego almost 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to go to a Comic Con. At first my reactions were fascination and glee, but the more I learned about Comic Con over the years, the more it became a waning hope if I would ever see it in the flesh. It has become a marker of pop culture popularity far beyond comic books. Cosplayers, celebrity panels, movie sneak peaks, the list goes on… My inner childhood dream of working behind the scenes for Jim Henson was spurred on by the countless videos and photos of self-made Hollywood level costume designs. The intricate attention to detail by fans is truly astonishing, right down to the prop stoogie.

Colby Mabile Ghostbuster Cosplayer. Fully operational Proton Pack!

Colby Mabile Ghostbuster Cosplay. Fully operational Proton Pack!

I always missed my ship to see the San Diego Comic-Con, but as a stroke of fortune, Comic Con came to me. Almost 16 years later, Alaska finally hosted it’s first Comic Con. I had the honor of vending at Senshi Con last year (it was actually my 9 year old selling her art) and absolutely loved being part of such an amazing community.

Wonder Woman Cosplay and Steampunk Cosplay by The Waterworks owner, Kali.

Wonder Woman Cosplay and Steampunk Cosplay by The Waterworks owner, Kali Tucker.

This year I had the honor of working with a vendor booth for Comic Con, The Waterworks Spas and Saunas. A wonderful second generation Alaskan family owned and operated hot tub company. With a steampunk vision and hot tub time machine plan in hand, we set out to make quiet the impression on Comic Con.

The Waterworks Airship

There she is….The Waterworks Airship. Bask in her Limelight glow. (that’s the hot tub series)

With the incredible skill and showmanship, the crew and Captain Kali (that’s what I’m calling bosslady) created a 20′ x 20′ airship! Full on Steampunk airship design with hot tubs at her bulwark and an Endless Pool at her mast.  The framework and the rigging were all set up in just one day!

FUN FACT: Arctic Comic Con’s celebrity guest Ian Ziering once swam in an Endless Pool in an episode of The Love Boat: The Next Wave. A 1998 revival of the classic series.

Season 2, Episodes 8 and 9 | Original airdates: December 18, 1998, and January 1, 1999

So many amazing Alaskans and guest celebrities made this year’s debut Arctic Comic Con epic. From the amateur to professional cosplayers, to the wonderful celebrity panels, gaming stations and the wonderful vendor camaraderie, this con will only get better. If you get a chance check it out today! Con runs from 12pm to 7pm. Enjoy the #Conlife Alaska!

Steampunk Angels at Arctic Comic Con

Steampunk Angels at Arctic Comic Con

Busick Clan at Arctic Comic Con

Busick Clan at Arctic Comic Con