Exxon Spill – 25 Years of Tears

I still remember the before and after of Prince William Sound. I could almost audibly hear the pain and death from her shores. A piece of all of us died that day. After two and a half decades, oil is still found beneath the sands. The last visit I embarked on to the Sound seemed almost like an empty school during spring break. Pockets of lifelessness where the waters were once teeming. I remember taking a Zodiac with my father to the shores of various islands and combing the beach before the spill. Looking down just before the bow reached land, an incredible crystal clear aquarium right below us with a buffet of ocean life. It’s now so different. Mostly rocks, some mussels now, but not the same. The ecosystem in that area was very unique and dense with life. Extremely high tides created consistent food cycles and feeding times via upcycling, where the waves and current churn up particulates which the small plankton eat. The movement causes small fish to rush in which in turn bring in larger fish, herring then salmon, rockfish and then the larger apex fish lingcod and halibut. Some of the largest fish ever caught in Alaska were right off the SouthWest corner of Montague Island. Salmon Shark can grow over 500 lbs and due to their lofty title on the food chain, retain most of whatever toxins are in the sea.

Montague Island sits as the largest uninhabited island in the nation. Complete with deer, bears and the occasional misguided sea turtle.  Life still carries on but with her scars of the past. It’s only recently that even the herring industry has slowly rebounded.

My heart sinks when I think of the Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That area will suffer for probably a century. My only hope is not just stricter regulation but a personal conviction of everyone involved in the industry that has devastated so much. If you haven’t read Shannon’s blog, please do. The devastation was not just in the ocean. There is no simple answer that does not shed claim from oil’s empire but if we are true to our desire to change, we will.


Prince William Sound, 2010 Prince William Sound, 2010

Time has a strange affect on events in our lives. I feel I’m looking through a glass of water when I look back 25 years to this day, March 24, 1989.

I’d left Seattle University and the Ballard Lochs on the M/V Westward heading north through the Inside Passage of British Columbia for the sac roe herring fishery in Sitka. No time in my life is etched as clearly as that spring. There is a certain magic about following Spring to Alaska. Per my not so scientific study, I’ve determined Spring moves at about 9 nautical miles an hour, about the same as the hundred foot boat I worked on. The inside passage is glorious. The bow of the boat pushes Technicolor into black and white. Winter gives up her fight to the brilliance of the whippersnapper called Spring. The smell is of thawing earth. Porpoises…

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Babies, Business & Bears! Oh My!


Colt Busick 2-26, 6 lbs 14 oz

Oh man, I have not written in awhile! So much has happen, SO MUCH! Just spawned some more offspring (this time a BOY!) Colt Busick, born Feb 26th, 6 lbs 14 oz! Also helping to plan ANOTHER exciting Mini Maker Faire and lots and lots of more FABULOUS events! The date is set for Saturday, July 26th, 2014.  Also the next Alaska Hackathon is in the works! Absolutely love all the brainy peeps helping to make Alaska tech savvy. I have been honored to also work with Nilda’s Party Creations and LeSea Charters to share the importance of Google’s Business tools and develop user-friendly website.

Another gybo_bannerGet Your Business Online with Google class is schedule for April 22nd, 2014 at the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Anchorage. I had so much fun teaching the first one and had great feedback! So glad to come back and do another class! It has been a blessing to meet with so many business types and entrepreneurs.

Brown Bear  And yes, typical Alaskan Spring has reared it’s beautiful head with a foot of snow last week and massive melting on the first day of the equinox. This is going to make for an icey breakup but bring it on! What else comes with spring? Da Bears! They are definitely waking up this time of year. As much as I love Alaska and all it’s beauty, I am deathly afraid of bears. So for now we’ll be walking in the malls and not the parks.

With more sunshine I’m also hoping to get some seedlings planted and eventually become more “green.” A few years back I became obsessed and started over 5 bell pepper plants, 12 tomato plants, 6 varieties of herbs and a avocado tree (It’s now 6 feet tall)! Not planning on the veggie takeover this year but super happy to start a few leafy babies. Walking 4 feet to pick fresh produce is awesome while you’re cooking.

Happy Spring to you all! As we all crawl out of our respective dens and enjoy this new season I wish you much productivity, new life and incredible ventures!

Best wishes,



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

After four offspring, four cats, numerous plants, dozens of pseudo-children, and godchildren, the term “Mother” has revealed more depth and preciousness than I could’ve ever imagined. From the moment you first lay eyes on a tiny perfect creation to cleaning for hours and still smiling at their amazing mannerisms, a mother’s love is precious and unique.
Happy Mother’s Day.


So it’s days like these I think back to watching the movie ‘Hackers’ where the mystery and sexy lure of the term ‘hack’ was new and exciting. Fast forward a few short decades and now 13 year old life hackers are speaking to huge crowds at TED talks.

I never thought I would see ‘hacking’ accepted so openly by public sector but sure enough, we now have hAKathons. The distinguished term of developer allows to add validity to our ever overcoming brains but I for one am excited and enthralled by the great realization that ‘hacks’ can be used for good. In April, 2013 in the Mountain View Service Center, several eager non-profits as well as eager developers sat down to Anchorage’s second hAKAthon.

Numerous amazing and mind boggling programs were developed from readily available programming to new tech augmented reality. I certainly remember the many hours as a teenager watching the virtual reality show V5 awaiting for the day to enter a digital realm physically. It has taken on a much less theatrical appearance than I first thought but I am all the more intrigued by the relationships that are being built in this close nit community. Tech is here to stay. Trepidating a modem bill or the fret of demagnetizing a floppy disk is gone. We now scour the Internet to Google everything. As we press forward with life’s daily needs, business ventures and dreams we can see the relationship technology and community can foster.

I am excited to see where this all leads. The possibilities for Anchorage as well as Alaska are endless. It is the dreams of yesterday that will fulfill the needs of tomorrow. May we listen closely today.

Read More about Alaska’s hAKathon: http://www.alaskahackathon.org

Business Gifts

Seward, Alaska   Friday, April 5th, 2013

After the chaos of herding kids into the car, I started my 2 hour voyage to Seward. I was super excited to get moving as the schedule was tight. I had a speaking engagement with the SewaImagerd Chamber of Commerce on an amazing opportunity from Google.

In February, Google sent myself and a colleague, Andrea Nicole CEO & Founder of Lolihanna Training Co., to Washington, DC for a Get Your Business Online Ambassador Summit. It was amazing gift and we were indoctrinated with web building, advertising and SEO in their “digital boot camp.”

The resources learned during the trip are invaluable for business owners and now I feel compelled to share a snapshot of info learned! Hope you enjoy these gifts just as much as I enjoying sharing.


Free Resources For Small Businesses

In 2011, Google launched the Get Your Business Online campaign in partnership with Intuit, DudaMobile and the SBA to give small business a free website and mobile site for one year. In addition to these free main platform business tools, Google also offers tools to get business found online through Google Places and Google Plus. This is the fundamentals of search engine optimization. A phrase endearingly used by SEO companies for years. $300 for guaranteed SEO? How about FREE!


Google Places is a great chance forImage businesses to edit their online search results. This tool helps list and highlight your business name, location, photos and phone number as well as offers customer reviews. Also Free! You cannot delete customer reviews but can respond to them. Google+ is a profile page much like Facebook Fan Page, you can also link your Google Place listing here. So start today! Get online and get mobile!

For more info on mobile sites, visit GoMo

Ready, Set, Adventure!

As massive exhaustion is about to render me unconscious, I am amazed at the human spirit and ability to press on. It has been throughout my lifetime that I have learned the true meaning of tired. I worked hard labor as a teenager and sports fishing boats up to my mid-twenties. Numerous days blurred into one another as I opted to work two, sometimes three jobs during the Alaskan tourist season. I deckhanded aboard my father’s boat, MV Eleu, and would work at the fish processor or hostess at the local restaurant, Chinooks. After having three little girls in less than 5 years spanning, I learned quickly what true exhaustion was. I had been groomed for parenthood. Deadliest Catch has nothing on a mom of an infant and a wiggly toddler. Those guys are pansies compared to the moms who endure dozens of colds with one or sometimes multiple rambunctious offspring. But how can the human body press on? Sheer drive and determination. If you REALLY want something, your body will make it happen!

I read once, “If it’s not important you will find an excuse, if it is, you will find a way!”Alicia and girls

Parenthood is a great boot camp for business. The care and dedication that it takes to sustain one tiny life is immense but the reward of stewardship is incredible. Much with parenthood, business ownership comes with stages of growth. In it’s infancy, you lay out your mission to guide and grow your earnings. My grandmother used to say “Kids are your investment and grandkids are your dividends.” I’m not quite at that stage with my children but I’m inclined to agree. Business is a lot of work but when you’re passionate and driven you can make beautiful creations grow.

With that I say keep on keepin’ on mighty tough folks and may all you journeys be prosperous!

~Alicia Busick